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Educator | Author | Authority

"Frēda is one of the most professional, compassionate and responsive individuals I have ever worked with."

Dr. Cathy Hung

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Frēda's book is receiving phenomenal reviews from respected professionals

"This book will make sense when nothing else does. Frēda explains the intangible, the intuitive that only an experienced pro would know. She is the adult in the room of PR."

Denise Kohnke

Chief Strategy Officer of Merit

author of "All Of The Other Marketing Books Are Crap"


"If you are a working professional leading a busy life, or anyone with a unique message to the world but not sure how to start, this is a must-read.  You will be able to implement these strategies immediately with results."

Dr. Cathy Hung

Forbes Books best seller and Board Certified Oral and Maxillocial Surgeon



"Experts who share their knowledge in practical, understandable, and actionable ways are the best teachers. Freda shares her years of experience in ways that allow the reader to generate, implement and measure publicity.


This book is a step-by-step guide that will reduce the time and expense to excellence and enable maximum public relations and publicity results.


The time spent reading “Publicity on Steroids” is a fantastic investment that will yield positive returns for years to come. After reading this book, it will be evident that Freda is an expert who understands how to teach."

Ed DuCoin

CEO of Orpical

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