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From Clients and Collaborators


Frēda is one of the most professional, compassionate and responsive individuals I have ever worked with. I met Frēda at the No BS Inner Circle Superconference. I was immediately convinced that she understood my needs as a potential client. She made magic happen. The communication has always been spot-on. I highly recommend Frēda as a media expert. It is no doubt that she’s highly successful in her expertise.

Dr. Cathy Hung

Sarah Lee.jpeg

I highly recommend Frēda Drake! Frēda has led her team members in achieving amazing results for me across print, digital, and radio media as a lawyer in the cannabis space. I have now been interviewed on nationally syndicated radio programs, and quoted in local, regional, national, and cannabis-specific print and online publications, including but not limited to, The New York Times, the L.A. Times, InStyle online, Food and Wine online, MJBiz Daily, and the list goes on and on!


I am so thrilled and thankful! Frēda is a brilliant, kind, and congenial media expert, and she has worked incredibly hard for me. Her efforts, and results, are invaluable! She values each client and achieves great results for everyone she represents. I’d advise you to hire Frēda immediately, and enjoy the amazing adventure that awaits you! She is an incredible asset to have on your team!

Sarah Lee Gossett Parrish

kim metcalfe.jpg

In a busy world where we often do not get what we pay for in the world of business relationships and expectations, you can imagine my delight while working with Frēda. Frēda is a warm, brilliant professional. I hired her company... to run a "Print" PR Campaign. Her team is beyond amazing and when I say they deliver, I mean they really deliver above and beyond expectations.


Frēda was available every step of the way. She responded to my questions immediately. Working with Frēda is like having a professional PR coach at your side. I cannot say enough about Frēda ... If you are looking for a path to promote yourself as a thought leader, I cannot think of a better person to contact and hire. I am looking forward to working with her and her team over and over again.

Kim C. Metcalfe, PhD


Dear Frēda,

Thank you for your unique contributions to News & Experts and the Advantage Family. I am grateful for all that you helped us accomplish and enjoyed all of our time working together and interacting. I wish you great future success in all that you do. Please keep in touch and let me know if I can be of any help to you in the future.

All My Best,

Adam Witty
Founder and CEO of Advantage | Forbes | Business Journal Books


I have known and worked with Frēda Drake for years now, and she is a true gem within the PR and marketing industry. She's always fair, genuine, forthcoming, and always does what she says she's going to do. That's hard to come by in any industry, especially this one. Even the people Frēda has introduced me to have all been professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable within their field.


If you're looking for someone with a strong work-ethic, and who excels at discerning the character of others, I highly recommend that you work with Frēda.

Seth Czerepak


I have known Frēda since she was Director of Marketing at Nohl Crest Homes, and I have been tracking her career growth ever since. That means I have watched her transformation from a personable young marketing and PR person to the impressive executive she is today.


Unusually bright and versatile, Frēda is equally adept at Marketing, Public Relations, Sales, and Management. Her ability to grasp what's important, translate her insights into actionable strategies, and lead the tactical execution makes her a seriously valuable addition to her firm. Did I mention charm? Frēda brings that, too, wherever shes goes. I recommend her whole-heartedly.

Ann Barrow, CPC, PHR, SHRM-CP

james byrne.jpg

I have known Frēda for the better portion of a decade and have worked with her to resolve various issues that arise in the business environment. I have been impressed by Frēda's superior intellect and ability to examine a problem from all sides and then tailor a resolution matched to the problem. She is a self-motivated go-getter who is both restless and determined to succeed at whatever the task is at hand. She will get the job done.

James Byrne, Esq.

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