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Excerpt Explaining Google & Analytics

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Frēda has written extensively for a variety of projects. This is a portion of what she wrote to clearly explain a rather complex subject to clients of a national publicity agency.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most popular and powerful platforms on the web for measuring your company’s broader digital impact.

Without question, Google Analytics is a critical component in any digital marketing toolkit. But to maximize your breadth of measurement and gain a full picture of social media campaign performance, we advise using Google Analytics in addition to LinkedIn Conversion Tracking.

The functionality of Google Analytics allows only for measuring post-click events. LinkedIn Conversion Tracking adds another layer of insight by also gauging post-view conversions. This is important because an ad can sometimes lead to a desired action even if the user doesn’t click through it right away.

If you’re only looking at one side, you may very well be missing optimization opportunities.


One of the handiest tools for advertisers on LinkedIn, auto-optimization, is only available when Conversion Tracking is enabled. When activated on Sponsored Content campaigns, this setting will automatically adjust your bid to reach members most likely to convert. This all happens from our advanced predictive behavioral model.

This should lead to more conversions and, ultimately, a decrease in cost-per-action, with minimal effort on your end.

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