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Bomber by Tatsurō Yamashita

Frēda says:

I dabble in video creation, but it's not my primary focus. I created this video because I fell in love with this song and, at the time, there wasn't a video for it.

Most Americans have never heard of the Japanese musician Tatsurō Yamashita ("Tats"), but I ran across him when I was listening to a Japanese mixtape from the 80s and was just blown away by this icon that most Americans have never heard of.This was made using Lightworks.

Ad for NovoMax

Frēda says:

The first time I heard "Invsble City" by Neon Crusader I just had to put it to action! This song still gives me the tingles. Again, video splicing as well as audio adaption needed for this short.

Breast Augmentation

Frēda says:

This plastic surgery center asked me to create a video that could be used on their site to suggest that brides should consider breast augmentation as part of their bridal trousseau.

Frēda's Interview on "Credibility Nation"

Frēda says:

In March 2020, I was priviledged to be interviewed by Mitchell Levy as one of the international thought leaders who were featured in his latest book, Credibility Nation (released end of 2020).

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